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South Arica: Epic Family Adventure 2015 – 10 Days

Jun 13, 2015 - Dec 19, 2015 • Price from $5826

New for 2015 – go inside South Africa on a family adventure created by Tauck and BBC Earth! How would you and your family like to… stand eye-to-eye with an ostrich as you ask him for a ride, fist-to-talon with an eagle happy to perch on your arm, trunk-in-hand with an elephant as you go for a walk...

Travel Journal

The Benefits of a Guided Tour

March 10, 2015

For an experienced traveler, a guidebook or preemptive research may be enough to get them from one historical monument to the next without missing a thing. These are the people who enjoy the independence of traveling from one foreign city or town to the next with their own research serving as enough background for each.

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