Europe In Depth With Extended Stay In London

Europe In Depth With Extended Stay In London

From London, England

31 nights


On this in-depth European tour, you'll travel to some of Europe's most famous cities—London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lucerne, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris—and see some of its most famous landmarks. You'll also stay in some of the smaller—but equally fantastic—cities, including Heidelberg, Germany; Salzburg, Austria; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Assisi, Sorrento, and Montecatini in Italy; and Nice, Biarritz, and Bordeaux in France. Globus has included unique features like lunch with a waffle and a beer tasting in Brussels, a special dinner in Salzburg to try out local specialties, and a taste of Limoncello liquor in Positano, as well as a visit by mini-train to the spectacular Postojna Caves in Slovenia. Among the many highlights of this tour is a drive along the Amalfi Coast, one of Italy's most beautiful coastlines. Spend time in Pompeii, where you'll see what life was like during the Roman Empire before Mount Vesuvius destroyed and preserved the town in 79 AD. Be delighted as you take a jetfoil from Sorrento to the Isle of Capri, a pretty town where you can explore the little shops and local cafés. Relax and enjoy Nice, a beautiful French Riviera resort. Be the first of your friends to enjoy guided sightseeing of Zagreb, Croatia's capital, where you will see its must-see attractions, such as the cathedral, the tallest building in Croatia. You'll visit some of Europe's most famous museums, including the Prado in Madrid, with one of the world's finest art collections; the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao; and the Vatican Museums in Rome. You'll also experience spectacular scenery, including a Rhine cruise along the most scenic part of the Rhine River; the Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall; spectacular drives along the Italian and French Rivieras; and much more. On this in-depth European tour, Globus has also included special meals at local restaurants and opportunities to really get to know the destinations. Plus, with VIP access to the attractions, you'll spend more time enjoying them than waiting in line. It's a dream European vacation!

Included Features:

LONDONGuided sightseeing, visit St. Paul's CathedralLONDON-BRUSSELS By high-speed Eurostar trainBRUSSELS Visit Grand'Place; [LF] enjoy a waffle and beer tasting at a local café; welcome dinnerAMSTERDAM Canal cruise; diamond centerRHINE CRUISEHEIDELBERGTake pictures of the castleBLACK FOREST Hear about the art of woodcarvingRHINE FALLSLUCERNEWalking tour including the Lion Monument and Chapel BridgeVADUZ Visit the capital of LiechtensteinINNSBRUCK Walk to the Golden Roof SALZBURG[LF] A special dinner at Farmhouse Lenzenbauer; guided walking tour, visit Mirabell Gardens and Residenz Square VIENNAGuided sightseeing, visit Heldenplatz and Cathedral Square; admire the unusual HundertwasserhausZAGREBGuided sightseeing; visit the cathedralLJUBLJANAGuided sightseeing, visit St. Nicholas' Cathedral POSTOJNA[LF] Visit the Postojna Caves by mini-trainVENICE[LF] Private boat ride; guided walking tour, visit St. Mark's Square & Basilica, Doges' Palace and the Bridge of Sighs; glassblower demonstrationASSISIVisit St. Francis' Basilica SORRENTO[LF] Excursion along the Amalfi Coast to Positano, taste a glass of Limoncello; excursion to Capri, including jetfoil boat ride, funicular ride, and guided sightseeingPOMPEIIGuided walking tour of the excavations ROME Guided sightseeing, visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Square and Basilica, and the ColosseumFLORENCEGuided walking tour, visit Signoria Square; see Ponte Vecchio PISAMarvel at the legendary Leaning Tower ÈZEVisit a perfume factoryARLESWalk to the Roman AmphitheaterBARCELONAGuided sightseeing, visit the gothic quarter; take pictures of the Sagrada Familia BasilicaMADRIDGuided sightseeing, visit the Prado Museum BILBAOVisit the Guggenheim MuseumBIARRITZOrientation BORDEAUXOrientation drive BORDEAUX-PARISBy high-speed TGV train (first-class) PARISA special dinner at a local restaurant, ascend the Eiffel Tower and guided sightseeingPARIS-LONDONBy high-speed Eurostar TrainHeadsets throughout the tour

Travel Date Range

  • From To Price From
  • May 12, 2017 Sep 29, 2017 $7,399.00
  • Nov 3, 2017 Nov 17, 2017 $6,349.00
  • Dec 15, 2017 Jan 15, 2018 $6,029.00
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  • Day Destination
  • 1 London, England
  • 2 London
  • 3 London - Brussels, Belgium
  • 4 Brussels - Amsterdam, Holland
  • 5 Amsterdam - Heidelberg, Germany
  • 6 Heidelberg - Black Forest - Rhine Falls, Switzerland - Lucerne
  • 7 Lucerne
  • 8 Lucerne - Vaduz, Liechtenstein - Innsbruck, Austria - Salzburg
  • 9 Salzburg - Vienna
  • 10 Vienna
  • 11 Vienna - Zagreb, Croatia - Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 12 Ljubljana
  • 13 Ljubljana - Postojna - Venice, Italy
  • 14 Venice
  • 15 Venice - Assisi
  • 16 Assisi - Amalfi Coast - Sorrento
  • 17 Sorrento. Excursion To Capri
  • 18 Sorrento - Pompeii - Rome
  • 19 Rome
  • 20 Rome - Florence - Tuscany
  • 21 Tuscany - Pisa - Èze, France - Nice
  • 22 Nice
  • 23 Nice - Arles - Barcelona, Spain
  • 24 Barcelona
  • 25 Barcelona - Madrid
  • 26 Madrid
  • 27 Madrid - Bilbao - Biarritz, France
  • 28 Biarritz - Bordeaux
  • 29 Bordeaux - Paris
  • 30 Paris
  • 31 Paris - London, England
  • 32 London