For most, these national parks are fairly well known – but many have yet to tick them off their travel checklist. There is beauty and history steeped within each one of these, and they make for quite the adventure, especially for those who enjoy the outdoors.

We’ll take a look at a few of the best national parks to visit, what they have to offer and why they make for an ideal getaway right here in the U.S.A.


Widely recognized as one of the first national parks in the world, Yellowstone National Park activities range from hiking to boating to camping. But it’s most famous for Old Faithful, the cone geyser located within the park and there’s more to it than just this popular attraction.

  • Yellowstone Lake is the largest body of water in the park. A large trout population and it’s beauty is worth the visit in and of itself.
  • Hayden Valley is where you’ll be able to take in the astounding wildlife of Yellowstone. Bison roam free here and bird-watching is a must.
  • Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the U.S – need we 
    say more?


Its name speaks for itself. This park includes a breathtaking landscape full of countless canyons carved out by the Colorado River. Beyond taking in its beauty, thousands of people a year visit the park for recreational activities.

Rivers have divided the park into four distinct districts:

  • The Island in the Sky rests on sandstone cliffs 1,000 feet above surrounding terrain. You can hike and even four-wheel drive over it!
  • The Needles were named due to the colorful spires of Cedar Mesa Sandstone that populate the area. The Canyonlands National Park needles are ideal for long day trips. Overnight visits are also possible.
  • The Maze is the most difficult district to gain access to. For the more serious hikers, you should be prepared with proper equipment and training before taking this district on – but it’s worth it once you do.
  • The Rivers include the Green and Colorado river. There are many 
    guided river tours given throughout these areas. Take a half-day excursion or a day-long float!


It might be famous for its stunning waterfalls, but Yosemite National Park activities are vast. From diverse wildlife to stunning sequoias, a trip to Yosemite is one for nature-lovers.

You’ll get to experience things like…

  • The meadows. There are a number of meadows found in Yosemite that include boardwalks and trails that are wheelchair friendly.
  • Mariposa Grove, including over 500 giant sequoias. Sequoias may just be the largest living things on Earth – and witnessing 500 of them in one place is a sight to see.
  • Different viewpoints. Glacier Point, Olmstead Point, El Portal View. These are just a few of the viewpoints you should take advantage of while visiting.

If you’ve never visited these parks, it’s time to check it off your list. And even if you have, each is so vast that each time you visit you’ll see something you’ve never seen before.

Organize a trip with a travel professional to get the most out of your next national park visit!