Southern living. It’s a way of life in the U.S. that, if you’re not a part of, can be hard to fully understand. This should be reason enough to experience it first-hand but, if you need more persuading, we’ll go into some other reasons why a southern vacation spot is an ideal place to spend your next vacation.

The history.

The southern United States is steeped in rich history. Sure, you may have learned about it in school but getting the chance to see these places for yourself brings it all to life.

If the historical aspect of the south is what draws you in, try visiting Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. You’ll get to visit restored old buildings and travel back in time with tours by carriage, among other exciting activities.

The food.

uthentic southern cuisine is an experience in and out itself – and can only truly be had IN the south. With recipes and meals steeped in tradition, it’s something you have to taste to believe.

A great place to do just that? New Orleans. Beignets, po-boys, jambalaya. The list goes on and on. Need we say more?

The music.

Music is a staple of the south. Whether it’s jazz, country or folk music, there’s a certain lilt to it that has drawn people in for years.

What better place to experience southern music than in Music City? Nashville is home of the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and a number of major record labels.

Some travel companies even offer tours that visit the cities and landmarks of America’s musical heritage, from Nashville to New Orleans.

The scenery.

Southern towns and cities are known for being beautiful, quaint and unique from other parts of the country. Some rest on the water while others are set on cobblestone streets that make you feel as though you’ve traveled back to the 1800’s.

There’s a look and feel to the south that is unlike any other. Somewhere you’ll find this to be true is Savannah, Georgia. It’s cobblestone streets, matched with historical buildings and the colors that come out in the spring make it an ideal Southern atmosphere.

The culture.

Simply put, there’s a feeling you get from the south. It’s a mixture of all the things we mentioned before but it can only be felt if you’re there. The people, the history, the traditions – it’s all in the culture.

Visit Charleston, South Carolina and you’ll feel it more than ever. Rich with tradition and full of that quintessential “southern charm”, Charleston is where you’ll truly get to experience the culture of the south.

What more do you need? It’s time to start planning your trip down south! Start setting up your southern adventure now.