Australia attracts visitors across the globe for many reasons, from the pleasant climate to the adventuresome activities and the idyllic beaches. But something you might not immediately associate with Australia is the extensive wine regions that have existed there for years and years. There are 65 wine regions in the country, with more than 100 different grape varieties helping to create thousands of types of wines.

The best part? If you’re visiting one of the many vineyards found through the country, you’ll be able to do more than just take in the beauty of the vineyard itself. Most vineyards provide private tastings, restaurants, venues, and even tours and educational classes for those looking to expand their knowledge surrounding wine.

One of Australia’s oldest wine regions is the Barossa Valley. The hot climate promotes ripe grapes that result in some of the finest wine available. Wine from this region gained popularity in the 1980s, particularly the full-bodied red wine with hints of rich chocolate and spice. But it’s not just the red wine the Barossa Valley is known for. This region produces a variety of Shiraz and Riesling as well.

If you’re headed to Australia and you’re a wine lover, be sure to check out some of these popular winemakers and the vineyards they use to make their wines.


Highly respected and renowned, Grant Burge has been a family-owned winemaker for five generations and counting. It’s located just north of Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city. The Grant Burge includes 19 vineyards, including a slew of popular wines and stunning views that will take your breath away. A casual, pleasant environment, you’re bound to walk away smiling.

Try these flagship wines:

  • Meshach Shiraz
  • Shadrach Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Abednego Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre


Established in 1944, St. Hallett is an established winemaker in the Barossa Valley. With an initial focus on fortified wines, they shifted toward premium table wines in 1980. Specializing in Shiraz, St. Hallett has a deep understanding of the different climates throughout the Barossa Valley, as well as knowledge surrounding high quality vines.

Try visiting vineyards like Kalimna, Ebenezer, and Flaxmans Valley to experience parts of the valley where St. Hallett is given the tools to create the exciting wines they’re known for.


Tied directly to the boom in popularity of the Barossa Valley, Peter Lehmann is the epitome of quality Barossa winemaking. With a network of more than 140 growers across the valley, they’re able to create wines for every occasion.

The Peter Lehmann winery, the Weighbridge, is a famous medium-sized winery in the area and worth visiting for the history and the wine itself.

These winemakers and vineyards are just a hint of what you can experience in the Barossa Valley of Australia. It’s a must for the wine lovers in the family and a great experience for all, from excellent dining experiences to beautiful, scenic tours.

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