Skiing, caving, skydiving, off-roading. The opportunities for adventure are endless in New Zealand. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set aside some time for relaxation and exploration as well. Which is where the Marlborough wine region comes into play.

Often lauded as “the world’s best sauvignon blanc”, Marlborough, located in the northeast corner of New Zealand’s South Island, kick-started New Zealand’s wine industry when the first vineyard began operations back in 1873. It truly became commercialized about 100 years later, but the people of New Zealand have appreciated the variety of wines produced from this region primarily due to the synergistic climate. Hot days and cold nights paired with a soil that’s ideal for developing delicious wine has helped establish Marlborough as one of the most renowned wine regions in the world.

We’ll tell you about some must-see vineyards in the region – and why you should be sure to try and check at least one of them off your list on your next trip to New Zealand!


Located in the scenic Waihopai Valley, Marisco Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard that works hard to bring the story of Marlborough wines to the masses. The passion the owners have for their wine comes through here and it’s worth experiencing their specialities, including Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir.


The Brancott Estate is a stunning example of the picturesque Marlborough region. While the historical nature of the estate is worth the visit as is, there is also an excellent restaurant that boasts regional produce. You’ll get to experience unique and exciting wine tastings as well as tours.


Visits to Cloud Bay’s cellar doors will allow you to see a number of unique wines. You’ll be immersed in the culture of the region, with lunches and dinners available that showcase the local cuisine.


Established in 1988, Grove Mill winery originated in a local historical landmark called the Malt house. The winery experienced extreme growth in the early nineties and has grown to where it’s able to produce 70,000 cases of wine a year! Make sure you take a visit if you’re in the area west of Blenheim.


Family-owned and operated, the Oyster Bay winery produces high-quality, premium wines in the Marlborough region. Located on the tip of New Zealand’s south island, it’s aptly named for where it’s located. Take a tour of their extremely unique, modern winery.

Now you know where to go when it comes to New Zealand wineries – but have you arranged all of the additional details of your trip? Contact PATravel today to start planning the trip of a lifetime.