Everyone's Between 18 and 35 on Contiki Tours

The First Contiki

Fifty years ago, a young New Zealander embarked on a journey across Europe. He got a minibus and gathered together a group of friends to travel with him, and Contiki Holidays was “born”. On a Contiki tour everyone’s between 18 and 35 – and that includes the tour manager and driver. You’ll make new friendships that can last a lifetime, you’ll stop at places you are really interested in, and, if you are a party person, you’ll find plenty of like-minded company.

Cost per Day

A typical Contiki tour costs $60 to $80 per day. So, if you have the time, you can take a 20 or 30 day Contiki tour that costs no more than your college classmates spent backpacking.

Coming Alone?

If you are planning on coming alone (nearly half of the Contiki travelers do) and don’t want to pay for a single room – Contiki will set you up with a roommate – same sex!


Contiki Tours are sold in 35 countries, from Australia to the USA. And you can pick your destination from 44 countries including the destination below. For more information about Contiki vacations please give us a call at (877) 251-6866.

  • Africa
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Europe