It’s easy to disregard what’s right under your nose – especially when it comes to vacations. When we think of big, exciting trips, most of us immediately consider heading overseas. While this certainly makes for the trip of a lifetime, there are places right here in the U.S. that can also give you everything you’re looking for – whether that’s be a historical experience, one rich in food and culture, or simply unforgettable sightseeing.

We laid out just a few of the best places in the U.S.A to visit. Some of these destinations could fulfill everything you want to get out of your next trip – and more.

Kenai Fjord, Alaska

Nearly 40 glaciers flow through this magnificent national park based in Alaska, with glacier landscapes that are reminiscent of the Ice Age. Take a boat tour or stroll through the scenic trails.

Haiku Stairs - Oahu, Hawaii

Also known as the “Stairway to Heaven” this is just one aspect of Hawaii that is worth visiting at some point. For the more adventurous and outdoorsy of us, it involves a tough hike that is worth it in the end considering the incredible view.

Fenway Park - Boston, Massachusetts

One of many things to do in the city of Boston, tour baseball’s “field of dreams” – Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912.

French Quarter - New Orleans, Louisiana

There’s more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time by walking down the streets of the French Quarter, with jazz music flooding the streets and the scents of delicious Cajun food filling your senses. The more relaxed, cultural side of New Orleans is what you’ll find here.

Mt. Rushmore - South Dakota

If you’ve never made the trip to South Dakota to experience one of America’s most iconic memorials, perhaps it’s time you did. An important piece of U.S. history, this would be a great trip for those history buffs.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

 An ideal trip for the adventurer, Antelope Canyon is a stunning example of America’s vast and unique landscape. Many guided Antelope Canyon tours go through the canyon, giving you the opportunity to get the most of your experience safely.

Pike Place Market - Seattle, Washington

Famous for the fish, this market offers more than that. It’s a glimpse into Seattle’s culture, located scenically right on the water and in the thick of the city. One for the foodies, it’s a can’t miss if you’re out that way.

Big Sur - Central California

Stunning is just one of the words you can use to describe this part of the golden state. Big Sur is a popular destination that has to be seen to be believed. Big Sur vacations offer a number of outdoor activities, including hiking and mountain climbing.

Alcatraz Island - San Francisco, California

There’s a lot to see in San Francisco – and it’s a popular tourist destination in and of itself. But if you happen to travel out that way, try your best to tour Alcatraz Island. What was once a prison on the island is steeped in history and many tours are given to provide visitors with a taste of how the island once was.

St. Augustine, Florida

The oldest city in America is steeped in rich history. Take in the beautiful buildings and homes, the scenic views and visit the museums. This town is one worth visiting, for both the historical aspects and the active nightlife.

The U.S.A. has so much to offer and these are just a few of the worthwhile attractions you could visit. Reach out to a professional to discover even more U.S. vacation opportunities.