Cruise from Le Harve on the 12-day British Isles vacation with Paris. This sailing in June of 2018 is on the 3600 passenger Royal Princess. Prices start at only $2399 per person.

by Michele Hoey

When people ask me what island vacation is number one for Smart Travelers, I tell them Great Britain.

Shakespeare’s “scepter’d isle,” with its seafaring tradition, features vibrant ports and nearby sites that define British spirit, history, and culture.

And there’s no better way to stay in keeping with the nation’s legacy and affinity for the sea than exploring it on a cruise vacation.

Among the interesting options this season, one that caught our eye was Princess Cruises’ “British Isles from Paris” vacation.

This 12-day holiday embraces the best of the United Kingdom and Ireland while adding a French sojourn to create a wonderful getaway.

The voyage is notably advantageous if this is your initial visit to Scotland, as your trip includes both royal cities and chances to explore Brigadoon-like countryside.

Your “residence” during this vacation is the Royal Princess. You’ll benefit from the convenience that only this large, 3,600-passenger ship can deliver. You’ll enjoy the range of its fun activities, wonderful dining, and exciting entertainment. You’ll be pampered throughout your trip in Princess style and attentiveness. And the Royal Princess offers comfortable cabins that match nearly any traveler preference.

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