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The Benefits of a Guided Tour

For an experienced traveler, a guidebook or preemptive research may be enough to get them from one historical monument to the next without missing a thing. These are the people who enjoy the independence of traveling from one foreign city or town to the next with their own research serving as enough background for each.

On the other hand, there are those who benefit from guided tours - those adventures facilitated by a guide who provides assistance from a cultural and historical point-of-view. If you’re contemplating traveling to a foreign land - whether it be through Asia, Europe, Australia, or anywhere else around this world - it’s often beneficial to take advantage of available guided tours.

If you’re contemplating going down this route for your next vacation, you might be wondering what you can expect out of one.

  • PreparationPreparation Your tour guide and the company he or she comes from will often deal with the nitty gritty details of your trip - including transportation and itinerary. They’ll work to pace out your day’s events properly, ensuring you get from one location to the next in a timely manner and allowing for enough time at each destination. Who wants to be rushed through their tour of the Colosseum, right? Your tour guide will ensure that you’re given adequate time to fully take in the experience.
  • ComfortComfort Traveling through a new country can be intimidating - especially if it’s your first time abroad. Exploring along with a travel guide can feel comforting for a lot of people, as this person and the travel company he or she has come from are extremely familiar with the area and know it like the back of their hand - it’s their job. They can also help bridge language barriers and help you avoid making any cultural faux pas.
  • HistoricalHistorical Context As much as a guide may know how to get you to and from place-to-place, they also understand the historical context behind each place you visit. They’re there to speak to the history behind a specific monument, building, or piece of land. If you have a question, they’re there to answer it for you. Your guide is a great educational resource - helping to breathe life into the cities and towns you visit as a result.
  • Know-howAn Insider's Know-How Something a guide book won’t give you, is an insider’s look into some of the most frequented cities and towns to travel to. Many sightseeing options, as well as restaurants and shopping centers, are common knowledge to the masses, but your tour guide could give take you to less frequented areas where you’ll truly get to immerse yourself into the culture of wherever you may be visiting at the time.
  • SocialThe Social Aspect It’s important to note that most guided tours consist of 20-45 people, so there’s no shortage in potential new travel companions. You’ll get to know strangers from all areas of the world and socialize with them while exploring a new and exciting land.
  • CulturalCultural Insight Speaking of culture, it’s great to travel with a guide who really understands the people of your travel destination. There may be some customs that you didn’t know about beforehand - minute as they may be, it’s important to understand these in order to respect and appreciate the part of the world you’re visiting.

So for you next travel experience, contemplate using a guide tour, if you haven’t before, and experience your vacation in a new and enlightening way.

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